Easy and Simple Origami - Shirt

paper origami shirts
To create this easy and simple origami shirt or blouse using Paper Dienamics plaids papers, you will need the items below.

Items needed:



Step 1-

step 1

Take your patterned paper and cut down to an A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in) size - or if making a large card, leave slightly larger.

Step 2-

step 2

Fold down the centre of your paper as shown

Step 3-

Un-fold your paper and then re-fold both the left and right edges to the centre fold as shown
Step 4-
From around half way down, create lapels on both sides as shown
Step 5-
Cut into the lapels on both sides as shown about 2cm from the top (this creates your sleeves) 
Step 6-
Re-fold the bottom half of the sleeves back to the centre
Step 7-
Fold the bottom of the shirt up so that there is a 1cm overhang at the top
Step 8-
Cut into the overhang on both sides about 5mm. Be careful not to cut too far as this is the collar for your shirt!
Step 9-
Fold the two overhang sections towards the centre of the shirt to create a collar. (you may wish to add a ribbon tie here)
Step 10-
If you have added a tie, you may wish to add a little glue to the underside of your collar to keep it in place.
Step 11-
The finished shirt! Add any embellishments to your shirt such as gem buttons or even a paper pocket!

Finished Product

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